Monty Ostler

Beagle 5 years old

Monty was referred for back and hindlimb pain as the owner had noticed fitness issues during agility training.

On examination there was marked myofascial pain of left triceps, bilateral quadriceps with reduced range of motion and pain of both hips worse on the right. In particular the hind limb adductor muscles were noticeably weak.

X-rays were largely unremarkable so was referred for MRI and there were no significant abnormalities detected.

Monty’s owner  was provided with a home programme of hot and cold packing, massage and therapeutic exercises.

Monty attended for weekly sessions of acupuncture, laser and underwater treadmill for 8 weeks and then monthly for two months.

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication continued and a trial of a muscle relaxant was started.

Monty’s pain reduced and his fitness and hind limb strength increased.

Currently Monty is back at agility and doing well.